Injury Prevention


Do you ever enter a sports season or go on vacation thinking, “wow, I hope I get injured doing this?” Maybe you think being injured is fun. The pain, the whining, the dependence on other people, missing out on fun activities. If you are anything like me, being injured is a terrible feeling and hope to avoid it at all costs. Well, the good news is you can. I know. It was worked for me!  

Through activity and our daily life, we develop imbalances in our bodies which make us vulnerable to being injured. Certain muscle groups get tight, certain groups get weak. Also, there is not common knowledge about how to warm up and cool down from activities. Did you know there are specific ways to warm up for sports? Not only will it lower the likelihood of getting injured, it can help your performance also! A physical therapy injury prevention evaluation will get you set on how to correct those imbalances and stay healthy for YOUR lifestyle. Injury prevention measures are offered in several ways at Personal PT:

Individual Injury Prevention Screening 

  • FMS (Functional Movement Screening)
  • SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)
  • sport specific, general activity, etc.

Personal programs & education

  • i.e. how to warm-up to prevent injury and cool down to maximize recovery for specific sports

Group Classes

  • preventing injuries (ACL injury, Back injury, Shoulder injury and specific subjects requested)
  • tennis & skiing-specific: how to warm up and cool down to prevent injuries and muscle soreness

Environmental Evaluations

  • home, office, etc.  Ex: to decrease fall risk or improve work comfort / health)