Use the gondola to enhance your ski/boarding performance! The Effective 5 are quick, simple movements to wake up your coordination, strategically activate muscles and keep injury at bay.
Did you know static stretching can actually decrease your strength? Save if for after your activities. To maximize your strength, performance, and keep your body healthy try these dynamic warm up "quick 6" running specific exercises. Stay knowledgable, stay healthy, stay happy!! **Watch Introduction to Dynamic Warm Ups video before viewing this one.
Think about HOW MUCH we use our arms and shoulders every single day. Keep your shoulders healthy with these SUPER SIMPLE techniques to use at home, in the car, to maximize your gym routine, add to your rehabilitation, staying active outside, anywhere. Stay knowledgable, stay healthy, stay happy!
Don't have time to waste? Use these 4 SPECIFIC exercises to target muscles shown to be weak with shoulder impingement and pain. Exercise efficiency will leave you with more time to go live your life and stay pain free.
Quick fundamentals for dynamic warm ups. Applying these techniques to sport-specific warm-ups is a sure way to maximize your performance and health right out of the gate. Enjoy!
If you have an active or sedentary lifestyle, chances are you could use more balance in your life! Balance activities are essential to help coordinate feedback to our brains, prevent injury, and improve sports performance. Considering the Personal PT Educational Series on back pain, I have selected a few exercises to help with chronic low back pain.
Why hip strengthening can help prevent knee pain* These exercises are EXAMPLES ONLY for people who are PAINFREE. The goal of this video is to understand WHY hip strength is important to prevent knee pain. See a professional to determine if these exercises are appropriate for you.
Achilles tendinopathy affects active and non-active populations. Don't wait for it to develop with you! Growing evidence supports eccentric exercises to treat achilles tendinopathy. Why not perform eccentric exercises before the pain starts? As added bonus, you can do these exercises almost ANYWHERE!
Keep your ACL safe on and off the mat with these tips. **This video is for individuals who have practiced yoga and know how to perform the poses safely
Avoiding injuries in repetitive sports can be challenging. Learn how to keep ski touring injuries at bay to stay in the back country all season long!
Matching specific exercises to the sports you love will help your sports performance, endurance and help keep injuries at bay. These simple, quick exercises are matched specifically to ski touring (easy to perform at home, in a yurt, hotel room, etc.). Give them a shot and feet the difference out in the mountains!
Stay alert, relaxed and aligned with these desk exercises
Keep your legs mobile and happy at work with these exercises.