I was referred to you, Joanna, by a current USA Olympic Team PT as “perhaps the best in Park City.” After just a few sessions with you, I’m confident any issues I’ve had with pain or discomfort in my body for YEARS will be gone soon or is already ABSENT! You’re the “Remove Pain” whisperer! Thank you!
“My sessions with (Joanna/Personal PT) were a perfect balance of hands-on therapy, simple teaching points along the way and practical exercises for me to do between sessions. Through her hands-on therapy and wide but deep knowledge in many different healing modalities, Joanna helped with immediate pain relief and awareness of what I needed to do differently with my body/movement habits over time. My sessions were designed for me and I felt that Joanna was able to understand my personality, my injury/body issues and what I had the time and capability to do on my own to design the best treatments.”
“I had a total knee replacement. When I began my outpatient physical therapy, I was scared to death this was going to be an excruciating experience. It turns out that my therapist was terrific! Joanna listened, was caring, sympathetic, yet firm. I was able to meet my goals and my knee is doing fantastic. I am now eager to have my other knee done.”

“I feel in just a short amount of time I have healed quite quickly. Thank you.”
“I did not know what to expect from physical therapy but found a genuine interest from Joanna to help me feel the best that I can. My pain has been considerably reduced but best of all, I have many routines to help me when I do have pain. My confidence has increased.”