About Joanna Kahn

Joanna Kahn, MPT, CSCS  -   Licensed in Utah & California

My Philosophy

Physical therapy can come in many different forms. The therapy I provide is based on specific practices which have proven successful for me in my career.  These include:

Joanna Kahn, MPT, CSCS - Licensed in Utah & California

Joanna Kahn, MPT, CSCS - Licensed in Utah & California

  • WHOLE body physical therapy and evaluation, not just a body part which has been injured.

  • Dedication to Individualized Care

  • Quality Over Quantity Principles

  • Movement Training

  • My Goal: To Make YOU Independent

Commitment, positivity, and knowledge create an environment where recovery and progress prosper.  This includes therapy fit to you, meaningful to you, and consistently for you.  

Healthy living is important.  You will have this body for a life time....Let’s keep it healthy!  


CONTINUING TO GROW: Building upon my commitment to a healthy community, I have created MAHPP ("map").  This is an alliance of practitioners within Park City dedicated to making women's pre / post natal time more empowered, healthy, comfortable and educated.  Check it out: MAHPP.



  • Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1. Barral Institute. March, 2019.

  • Clinical Mentorship in the Integrated Systems Model with Diane Lee, 2018.

  • Utah State Clinic, National Strength and Conditioning Association. April, 2018.

  • Heart Rate Training to Optimize Training Adaptations. NSCA. 2017.

  • Thorax and Pelvis: Diane Lee, online course, 8 hours, 2017

  • Fundamental Topics in Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy, 2016

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, 2016

  • Therapeutic and Kinesiology Taping, September, 2014

  • Australian - Maitland Approaches to Orthopedic Manual & Manipulative Physical Therapy (Year long: starting April 2013)

  • SFMA Advanced (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), March, 2013.

  • SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), December 2012.

  • A Classification Based Approach to Evaluation & Treatment of Cervical Spine Disorders, Oct 2012

  • Get Your Head in the Game, Managing Disorders of the Head and Neck, UPTA, May, 2012

  • FMS (Functional Movement Seminar), Level 1 and 2, April, 2012.

  • Food Stress, & the Brain. Institute for Natural Resources, March, 2012.

  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Movement System Syndromes (MSS), Jan, 2012.

  • Advances in Examination and Treatment or Orthopedic and Sports Related Knee Injuries, Oct 2011

  • Restoring Form and Function of the Abdominal Wall After Pregnancy, Diane Lee, Feb 2011.

  • Combined Sections Meeting for APTA, 2011.

  • Combined Sections Meeting for APTA, 2010.

  • Cervical Spine Management, 2010.

  • Therapeutic Balls: A New Generation of Treatment Applications and Therapy Progressions, 2009.

  • Therapeutic Yoga: Bridging Ancient Practices with Traditional Therapy Techniques, 2008.

  • Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminar: MT-2, Basic Spinal, 2008.


  • Combine Sections Meeting, 2014, Salt Lake City

  • Utah Physical Therapy Association Fall Conference, 2012, Layton

  • Utah Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference, 2012, Lehi

  • Utah Physical Therapy Association Fall Conference, 2011, Layton

  • Utah Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference, 2011

  • Combined Sections Meeting, 2011, New Orleans

  • Combined Sections Meeting, 2010, San Diego

  • Utah Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference, 2010, Park City

Professional Memberships

In The Press

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