Park City Personal Physical Therapy

Park City Personal PT offers customized and convenient Physical Therapy services to the Park City and Summit County area. In many cases we can come directly to your home or see you in the clinic conveniently located at 1700 Park Avenue in Park City Utah. 

Regardless if you are a full time athlete, a weekend warrior or just seeking to become more active,  physical therapy can help muscle soreness, joint pain, get rid of those daily aches, and increase your overall health.  If you are one of the lucky ones not in pain, why wait to be injured before seeking health?

 Learn about Events and Classes on our Facebook

 Learn about Events and Classes on our Facebook


  • Treatment is your own (1 PT: 1 patient)
  • Specializing in movement assessment
  • INJURY PREVENTION.  Why wait for injury to happen?  Get a program that will keep you healthy (by screening for muscle imbalances, strength deficits, posture and activity technique) 
  • Physical therapy can come to you (if appropriate)
Joanna Kahn, MPT, CSCS

Joanna Kahn, MPT, CSCS


  • Recovering from an injury or surgery?
  • Want to prevent injury?
  • Stiff after mountain or road biking?
  • Neck hurting from computer work or stress? 
  • Strapped for time?
  • Visiting the area and worried about injuring yourself on the slopes? 
  • Travel a lot?  Body suffering?  Travel prevent you from exercising?
  • Declining balance, strength, endurance?

Examples of specific conditions for which physical therapy is appropriate (this list is not all inclusive):

  • musculoskeletal pain (i.e. “my shoulder hurts” or “my foot hurts”)
  • pre-operative counseling and treatment
  • post-surgical rehabilitation
  • back pain
  • tendonitis
  • sprains
  • acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions
  • impaired mobility (anything from walking up stairs to getting out of bed)
  • impaired activity and life-style
  • restricted range of motion (the movement of a joint)
  • bursitis
  • nerve impingement
  • strength deficits
  • balance difficulties
  • arthritis
  • vestibular impairments
  • postural impairments

If you are already hurting or recovering from surgery and want convenient, quality care, physical therapy helps progress your recovery safely.