1-to-1 Physical Therapy Sessions

Your Path to Success



All sessions will be one-to-one, personalized to YOU. 

1st Session - Initial Evaluation

Evaluations can last between 60 and 90 minutes.
Questions we will answer:

  • What is causing your discomfort
  • What has the potential to cause you discomfort (we want to prevent injury as well!)
  • What we are going to do........a program just for you!



Treatments will be matched to your specific needs and goals.  Duration: 45-75 minutes.  

Treatments may include:

  • Manual therapy (i.e. therapeutic massage, moving / stretching your joints, joint mobilizations)
  • Strengthening
  • Balance and muscle re-training
  • Sport training
  • Gait (walking) training
  • Home exercise program (exercises for your recovery / optimal health / prevention)
  • Modalities (hot, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation)
  • Ergonomics, posture, and alignment
  • Patient education