Group Classes

F.I.T.T. Workshop (Fitness, Injury prevention, Technology, Tennis technique)
This two session workshop provides personalized instruction from a physical therapist and tennis pro. The sessions will focus on tennis specific injuries, prevention and conditioning exercises. Participants will receive injury prevention screening and treatment, understand injury anatomy, participate in tennis cardio, skill & footwork drills. Additionally, participants will leave with a specific conditioning program to maximize their game, target weak areas, keep their body aligned and protect their ligaments.

Learn how to maximize your athletic abilities through minor adjustments to your daily movements and pre-activity strategic muscle activation.

FIRED UP will fire you up! Challenge your balance, tune your coordination, lengthen your muscles. FIRED UP helps optimize your movement and strategically strengthens your body. Best of all, learn techniques and principles you can take with you to the trails, and courts -- improving your sports performance, movement patterns and preventing injury.
Class 1: foundational movements
Class 2: core
Class 3: hips
Class 4: shoulders

Mountain Trails Dynamic Warm-Up
Energize your legs, warm your tendons, fire-up your core before heading onto the trails. Mountain Trails Warm-up is a 30 minute class designed to activate muscles you use and prevent injuries while biking, hiking and running. You will hit the trails ready to go, feeling balanced for endurance and fast-footed maneuvers.

Optimal Performance
Get your ski legs underneath you with this skiing-specific warm up class. Progressive, targeted exercises will balance your body, dismantle sluggish starts, and keep injuries at bay. Learn strategies to activate endurance and fast-moving muscle fibers to keep you healthy all year round.

Pre-Jacuzzi Class
We all love tubbing after skiing & snowboarding. Did you know there is something that makes it even better? Before You Tub is a short class designed to re-align your body, decrease muscle soreness and get your body ready for the next day.......back in the mountains or at the office.  Go enjoy the tub, knowing you are balanced and ready to go for tomorrow.
Location: Hotel Park City (spa entrance)

Optimal Performance
Ski your best and feel your best, first run of the day! Get your ski legs underneath you with progressive, targeted exercises that will balance your body, dismantle sluggish starts and keep injuries at bay. Learn strategies to activate long-lasting and fast-moving muscle fibers to keep you healthy all year round. A re-aligning cool down will have your body thanking you tomorrow.

Snow sport ACL injury prevention, conditioning, & dynamic warmup

Food For Thought
Panel Presentation & Speaker (People’s Health Clinic & Happy Healthy Human Beings collaboration). People’s Health Clinic

Skiing dynamic warm-up, strengthening and ACL saving strategies.